Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Halloween House tutorial (kinda)

I am not good at tutorials, but I am great at answering questions! I am better in person so I can actually show you how to do it, that is why I would rather teach a class. Anyway I know most of you are far away so I will try to show you how to make this, PLEASE let me know if you have any questions! Here goes nothing! :)

I used chipboard. I cut the pieces as follows
the 2 large sides are 8½ x 6½
the 2 smaller sides are the same only they are turned opposite & you need to cut off the top 2 corners to make a peak for the roof to sit on.
the 2 roof pieces are 6½ x 9.
The base is 7½ x 10" & I used regular cardboard for this so it would be sturdier.

Now you need to cover all pieces with whatever paper you have decided on.

Next you need to put your holes in. I used my Bind-It-All & punched holes down the sides of the four pieces that will be assembled to make the 4 walls of the house.

Then I put it together using ribbon.
Then you also need to punch holes along the long sides of the roof, I used my owires to attach these together so the lid would open & close easily.

Then I glued the 4 walls down. I put a line of tacky glue & set the house on it, then as it started to dry I used hot glue & put a line in the front of the each wall & also on the back inside of the house so it makes it more sturdy. So there are 3 lines of glue holding it up.

Then I glued just one side of the roof to the house , but leave the other side opened so you can open & close it.

Then you are ready to decorate it however you want. You could also make a gingerbread house or Easter or whatever you wanted. Get creative! Have fun! Hope you enjoy this.


Ashleigh said...

Nice thank you! I will have to find something other than Chipboard because no where here do they sell chipboard.

Thank you so much for taking the time!

JoAnn said...

I posted a comment asking you to tell me how you made this then I found the instructions. I think you done great explaining it. If I have any questions after I get started I'll let you know. About you having a class, have you thought about a u-stream class? I watch some great ones on there. You should have some on u-stream. I would be there.I will check back with you soon.

Groovy Deborah said...